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Walk Edinburgh with an Usher!

"I've lived in Edinburgh for the past eight years, but during our two hours with Stuart Usher, I discovered so many unusual things about the city that I'd never come across before!"

WaltMc, Edinburgh, Senior Trip Advisor Contributor

"Stuart Usher is alive with enthusiasm for Edinburgh's secret hideouts, patrons and evildoers and the sheer majesty of the city."

Annabel, Canberra, Australia, Trip Advisor Contributor

"We'll certainly make sure to book a full day with him next time we travel to Edinburgh, for the simple pleasure of having him share with us (once more) his knowledge ... his humour ... his life experience ... his inner soul ... "

Iolanda A., Lisbon, Portugal, Trip Advisor Contributor

This unique Edinburgh Guided Tour is hosted by Stuart Usher, whose family roots are steeped in the history of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Stuart's family had connections with such notables as King David II of Scotland, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and even Prime Minister William Gladstone!

The magnificent Usher Hall in Edinburgh was donated by Stuart's great, great Uncle, Andrew Usher.

No surprise then, that Stuart's tour commences at the Usher Hall.


Prices start from £13 per person, depending on the size of your party, and include a free drink at a notable Edinburgh Public House. Walks are up to 3 Hours depending upon your preferences

Private Tours are possible!

It is also possible to book a private tour. Price £70 for a half-day or £100 per full day.



Book via the Bookings page or simply call Stuart on 0797 600 7778 or email him at saying when you want a tour and how many people are in your party.

This Tour will make a life-long impression on you!

Edinburgh City Centre